Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hello again!

So I've been quiet. One marriage break up and a few breakdowns later and I'm once again ready for action. I joined 'Ravelry' yesterday and it inspired me to blow the dust off this blog and start using it again. So a lot has changed, I've gained many pounds and lost a few, I've moved house but one thing has remained the same. My love of yarn and all that it implies.

My current project is from the book 'Vampire Knits', its the Lore Hoodie. In the photo it looks pink, but it's not. It's red. Aptly, blood red. I've got this fab black and red fur yarn that I will use to trim the garment. It's a project I call 'wishful knitting' as I hope to fit into it later as it's a couple of sizes smaller than I am now! I've successfully lost over 20lbs these past couple of months, so I believe it is achievable.

The sleeves were my first attempt at using dpns and I'm thrilled with the result. I also have learnt ssk stitch and I am yarning over for the first time in years. The pattern is coming out a bit bumpy, will have to ask my new friends at Ravelry how to remedy that.

Laters! Stay safe. x

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