Monday, 20 April 2009

My First Post

Wow. As I gingerly dip my foot into the pool of blogging, I consider all options as to how to start… I think of all the things I could download (upload?) here and I’m overwhelmed with choices! Knitting? Oo, oo, music I like? How about a picture of the vegetarian dinner I made that was absolutely yumski…. I think I’ll start as I mean to go on. Ad hock, totally random and the amount will be based on how much longer I can stand the coldness of my study (I live in a drafty, spooky old house that is falling down faster than we can fix it.) So before my fingers go blue, which will totally clash with my nail polish, here is my first attempt of sharing anything to anybody who’ll take notice.

I am a lot like Wall-e. I recharge every morning with my light box as the dull English weather just doesn’t do it for me. I have found, after many years of hibernating in the winter being utterly miserable and eating like an absolute pig, that all I needed was a bit more light hitting the back of my retina. Ta-da: a happier, slimmer, more energetic Stella. Amazing what a little light can do, huh?!

I also collect things that most people would throw away, just so I can play with it later. Influenced by the Wombles, I don’t think twice about reusing wrapping paper and I have a huge bag of egg boxes in my kitchen ready to become caterpillars. You’ll see…. It’ll happen here. I also reuse old cards… cut off the front cover and stick it to a new piece of card, then all I need to buy is envelopes. As most cards cost over £1 these days, I save a bundle! I can also make them from scratch, but I don’t always have the time.

So I squidge things close and as I do they become something new…. Just like Wall-e and his blocks.

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May I be the first to complement you. You sound like a wonderful person. God bless you and your family.
God has recently chosen me into his family and I rejoice. I am made new.